Media accreditation

2024 Media Accreditation Information

Dear Colleagues,

The accreditation of journalists for the Superenduro GP held on the 3rd of February 2024 at the MVM Dome in Budapest has started. The accreditation form must be sent to the press office of the event by 28 January by e-mail to the following two addresses:,

Only professional journalists and photographers can be accredited for the event. Please enclose a copy of your press card.

Please fill in the attached accreditation form accurately and legibly, taking into account the conditions set out therein – i.e. the obligation to enclose a press card.

The completed accreditation form must be sent by e-mail, together with the attachments, to the competition press office by 28 January at the latest.

Each media can accredit one photographer and one journalist (in special cases two journalists) to the event.

The submission of an accreditation application does not automatically confer accreditation to the competition.

The Press Office reserves the right to refuse / not accept accreditation requests. Confirmation of acceptance/rejection will be sent to the e-mail address on the completed form. Late accreditation requests will not be taken into account when compiling the press list.

The international promoter of the competition will only allow 15 photographers to enter the arena and will select the 15 photographers who will be allowed to enter, so we ask for the understanding of those who may not be selected.

You can download the accreditation form here.

Press contact

Anita Tóth

Press Officer

Media parking

The media parking is accessible by turning right from Népligeti overpass onto Fék utca from Üllői út. Then, turn left at the first opportunity to reach it. It is exclusively available for accredited media representatives.

Media map

The entrance for the media sector will be at Gate V. Accredited media representatives can move along the route designated on the map. This route goes from the Media Center through the designated path besides the track, heading towards the Assistance Zone.

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Billy Bolt masterclass at bigger than ever Superenduro GP of Hungary

Billy Bolt masterclass at bigger than ever Superenduro GP of Hungary

Billy Bolt performed magic in the MVM Dome! The three-time world champion from Britain won all three races in the Prestige category at the Superenduro GP of Hungary in front of 13,000 ecstatic spectators. Apart from him, the two Hungarian racers, Márk Szőke and Roland Liszka, received the biggest applause.