The biggest motorbike event in Central-Eastern Europe

Following the sellout 2023 event, the upcoming Superenduro GP of Hungary takes place on 03 February 2024 at a new location, in the largest sports arena in Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe, the MVM Dome. Don’t miss out on the motorsport event that kicks off the year!

Superenduro gp of Hungary:
03 February 2024 – MVM Dome

The previous edition of the Budapest round of the 2023 FIM Superenduro World Championship took place in front of a full house. On the 3rd of February 2024, the stakes will be even higher: the region’s largest indoor motor racing event is expected to be held at the MVM Dome, where up to 17,000 spectators can cheer for the sport’s top athletes, including Zsigovits Norbert and Szőke Márk, who will compete in the Prestige category.

This sport combines elements of enduro, motocross, and trial racing. During training sessions, riders compete against the clock, while in races, it’s a head-to-head battle. The tracks feature various sections, including enduro obstacles such as trees and rocks, motocross elements like jumps, whoops, berms, and trial-style agility challenges, as well as higher structures.



Early bird: HUF 19.990
Until 15 November: HUF 21.990
Until 03 January: HUF 23.990
Until 02 February: HUF 25.990
On-site: HUF 8.990


Seat reservation in Sectors #100s, the closest to the track

Gate opening at 4 PM


Early bird: HUF 15.990
Until 15 November: HUF 17.990
Until 03 January: HUF 19.990
Until 02 February: HUF 21.990
On-site: HUF 24.990


Seat reservation in Sectors #200s, a great view to the track

Gate opening at 4 PM


Early bird: HUF 9.990
Until 15 November: HUF 11.990
Until 03 January: HUF 13.990
Until 02 February: HUF 15.990
On-site: HUF 18.990


Seat reservation in Sectors #300s, overview to the track

Gate opening at 4 PM


Additional ticket besides Gold, Silver or Bronze 

General on-sale: HUF 5.990


Paddock tours during designated time slots 

Meet up with riders

First hand paddock experience


Not eligible for entry for the main event

General on-sale: HUF 4.990


Eligible to watch Free Practices and eliminatory races

Pre-defined sectors

A chance to get to know the sport


To accompany disabled spectators 

General on-sale: HUF 4.990


Entry for disabled guests is free of charge

Limited offer

Gate opening at 4 PM



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